Ronchess Global Resources PLC

    Mechanized Road Marking & Traffic Control Systems

    Our services encompass design and installation of all kinds of road marking (using the most modern machines and materials), supply and installation of Traffic Light and Traffic Controllers, supply and installation of traffic control devices such as Road Studs, Speed Bumps and Humps, Road Signs, Rumble Strips, etc. We also provide consultancy and training services in Traffic Management, drivers’ education and road safety.

    ROAD MARKING is a modern means of controlling and guiding vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the road. They are used to delineate traffic lanes, inform motorists and pedestrians on traffic directional flow; to alert drivers c intersections, and also indicate regulations for parking and stopping on the road. Ronchess Global Resources Limited has executed several road surface marking projects in different parts of Nigeria; handling such projects from the project conceptualization and design stage, to actual execution and installation. With our level of proficiency, we can determine the best road marking material or paint (thermoplastic, High Build water. borne paint, EPS series, Alkyd, Cold plastic etc.) that is appropriate for different roads (Asphalt, concrete, paving stone, airport runways, and sea-port terminals) based on the peculiarities and features of the road surface.


    Other Services

    • Real Estates

      Design & Build Ronchess handles the design and construction of all types of modern structures using high quality materials. Our highly creative

    • Consultancy & Training

      Ronchess Global Resources provides CONSULTANCY AND TRAINING SERVICES IN TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT AND ROAD SAFETY Our traffic management consultancy services cover the entire