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    Intelligent Traffic Systems

    Intelligent Traffic Data Collection Systems



    At Ronchess Global Resources PLC, we constantly seek solutions to decongest and facilitate smooth flow of traffic. We have the expertise to design and set up intelligent traffic data collection systems that monitor and collect traffic data. This data provides real-time and accurate information (volume, frequency types and flow of vehicles, and pedestrians) that can be used for traffic analysis, planning of road network expansion, creation of commercially viable BRT and light rail systems, parking zones, outdoor signage & billboards, shopping malls and offices, and overall community development.

    Intelligent Transport Systems


    Mass transit and intelligent transport systems are essential parts of any city. Ronchess Global Resources is in technical partnership with a proven service provider of intelligent transport systems: GRUPO ETRA.
    GRUPO ETRA designed and built the SIRCI system; the biggest system in place in the world for managing a fleet of buses; it is installed in the City of Bogota in Colombia for the BRT operator TRANSMILENIO.
    This system is expected to transport around 6 MILLION passengers PER DAY in 2014 on average (that’s a projected traffic figure of over 2 billion passengers for the whole year). This project is a testament of adapting technology to local needs, especially for ambitious cities in developing countries.