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    Akure Project Update

    News / August 25, 2016

    In a bid to decongest traffic grid locks within the Akure metropolis, Ondo state, Ronchess Global resources Ltd have been awarded the contract for Traffic Signalization and Road Marking of four Junctions/Intersections.

    The four junctions/Intersections awarded in the contract to RGRL by Planet Projects Ltd includes;

    • Araromi Junction
    • Cathedral Junction
    • Oba Adesida Junction

    Today, the Traffic Signalization is ongoing while the Road Marking has been successfully completed.

    Technical Data: 

    • 2.5 km of 100mm wide white broken lines for centre line marking
    • 2 km of 100mm wide double yellow lines at the road edges.
    • 92 meters of 450mm wide white solid lines for stop marking.
    • 244 stripes of 3000mm x 500mm  zebra crossing
    • 4 numbers of Offside/Yellow box
    • 11 numbers of big Chevron marking for lane merge
    • 3 numbers of Bus-stop Chevron
    • 22 numbers of 100mm wide white solid lines for worded STOP marking
    • 85 numbers of 4m long traffic lane arrows

    Other Road Marking furniture’s installed include Worded “BUS STOP” and “SLOW DOWN” 100 x 1000mm wide broken lines, 150mm x 600mm wide white broken line for giveway and Hazard Teeth markings.

    IMG_0988 IMG_1028 IMG_1041 IMG_1053 IMG_1057 IMG_1059


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    Ronchess Global Resources Ltd is a Nigerian company offering integrated Traffic Safety and construction solutions. The company has been operating in Nigeria since 2008 and its scope covers all areas of road marking, road signs installation, procurement and construction. Ronchess Global Resources is dedicated to deliver value to our customers, create opportunities for our employees, generate greater rewards for our shareholders and contribute to the growth and development of the communities where we do business. Our organizational and strategic approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability is reflected in our values, codes of conduct, governance structure, polices, engagement activities and affiliations.



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